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We provide emergency support from 3am - 4pm Central time, 7 days a week.

Our aim is to respond within 1 hour, but please give up to 24 hours for a response.

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I am getting an UnAuthorized error. What could cause that? Make sure your credentials are correct. For Jira Cloud, your username and an API token are required. For Jira Data Center, a username and password are required. You can store these as secured variables in BitBucket or as a secret in GitHub.

I am getting an Unexpected error, requested resource could not be found. What could cause that? This error means the Jira endpoint couldn't be found. Make sure your URL is correct, and if you're using Jira Cloud edition that you've also set the jira-cloud-edition: "true" flag in the GitHub action or JIRA_CLOUD_EDITION: "true" flag for Bitbucket pipelines.

When I turn the debug flag on, I see the BITBUCKET_PR_ID is empty. What's wrong? When this happens, it's because your Bitbucket pipeline is running when there isn't a pull request to analyze. Make sure the Code Warden step is running inside of a pull-requests: section of your pipeline.

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